We are a nationally certified chimney sweep company that has been providing Sussex County, NJ residents with warmth for over 40 years!

We are a full service chimney sweep company specialized in chimney and stove maintenance. Other areas of our expertise include chimney & stove repairs, liner & stove installations,  and the list goes on and on.

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Regular cleanings and inspections are a necessary part of having a stove or oil burner. Only a CERTIFIED chimney sweep is trained to look for small cracks and erosion that can allow carbon monoxide into your home. For more information on our procedure click here.

When it comes to our customers we only use the best names in the business. Names like Blaze King, Home Saver, Smoketite, and Chimney Saver. We want to ensure that you are receiving top notch service and class a products. Visit our Stoves & Installation page for additional information on the top brands in chimney sweep.

Having your chimney inspected regularly can keep you from increasing the amount of expensive repairs that you may encounter. As a full service chimney sweep, we do extensive repairs and even complete rebuilds if necessary. Click here for a complete listing of our services.